AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell Review: Top Choice?

Smart Home DeviceDecember 30, 2023

Elevate your home convenience with the AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell, a standout choice with a range of over 1,300 feet and 52 customizable melodies. This durable, weatherproof device offers easy installation, long battery life, and a unique memory function for uninterrupted performance, ensuring you never miss a visitor.

With this detailed review, find out if the AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell is the right choice.

Wireless Doorbell, AVANTEK D-3W: A Comprehensive Overview

The AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell excels in enhancing home accessibility with its 1300-foot range and IP55 weatherproof rating. It offers 52 chimes and a 40 mm stereo speaker for clear audio, adjustable up to 115 dB. The doorbell features a memory function for saved settings and easy installation, with expandable coverage options. While some chimes may not suit traditional tastes and the sound range may vary, the doorbell is praised for its ease of installation, variety of tones, and dependable performance.

Interested in never missing a visitor again? Check out the AVANTEK D-3W Doorbell to decide if it’s the right fit for you.

Key Features

Below are the key features dissected to help you assess if this doorbell meets your household or workspace needs.

Extended Wireless Range

One of the primary strengths of this AVANTEK doorbell is its extended wireless range. The unit functions effectively at over 1300 feet, providing ample coverage for most homes and offices. This extended reach ensures that you’re likely to hear the doorbell no matter where you are in your house. Moreover, the doorbell’s technology is built to avoid interference with other home equipment, which is crucial in maintaining its reliability.

High-Quality Sound Selection

The sound quality is not something this model compromises on, with a 40 mm stereo speaker that produces clear and rich sound. Users can toggle between 52 different chimes, finding just the right melody to suit personal taste. The volume levels can be adjusted through five settings with a max volume of 115 dB, which is robust enough to be heard in a busy environment.

Ease Of Installation

Ease of setup is a well-thought-out feature for the AVANTEK doorbell. The package includes not only the necessary hardware such as screws and an anchor but also an adhesive patch and a key for straightforward mounting. This means that installation can be managed with or without drilling holes, an advantage for renters or those who prefer a less permanent option. Additional AVANTEK receivers can be added as needed, which offers versatility in coverage area expansion.

Durable And Weatherproof

Durability is key for any doorbell, and the AVANTEK doorbell doesn’t disappoint. The high-performance transmitter is rated IP55 for dust and water resistance, ensuring it can handle harsh weather conditions ranging from -4 °F to 140 °F. This robustness speaks volumes about the doorbell’s ability to withstand the elements, be it rain, sleet, snow, or dust.

Intelligent Memory Function

Convenience comes in the form of the device’s intelligent memory function. The doorbell memorizes your last chosen melody and volume level, even after a power outage. This feature saves time and prevents the nuisance of having to reset your preferences, allowing the doorbell to be as maintenance-free as possible.

Design And Aesthetics

The AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell boasts a modern, minimalist design with a sleek white exterior that complements various home decors. Compact and unobtrusive, it features an LED flash for the hearing impaired and noise-filled environments. Its plug-in receivers are battery-free, adding convenience. The doorbell’s transmitter is durable with an IP55 waterproof and dustproof rating, requiring minimal maintenance. Functionality meets style in its easy-to-use interface for selecting from 52 chimes and a memory function that retains settings after power outages, highlighting the doorbell’s blend of aesthetic appeal and practicality.

Pros And Cons

When assessing the AVANTEK wireless doorbell, it’s helpful to consider both its advantages and shortcomings to determine if it fits your needs.


  • Efficient Power Usage and Durability: The doorbell’s transmitter is noted for its low power consumption and includes a CR2032 lithium battery with a long lifespan of up to 3 years. Moreover, it boasts an IP55 rating, making it dustproof and waterproof, and operates effectively in a broad range of temperatures, handling harsh weather without issues.
  • Extended Wireless Range: Every ring is assured to reach you since the device operates at over 1300 feet, allowing ample coverage without interference from other household equipment or neighbors’ devices.
  • Audio Variety and Quality: The doorbell doesn’t lack in the sound department; a 40mm stereo speaker delivers crisp audio, and users can select from 52 melodies. Customizing your door chime is as easy as pressing a button, and the sound level can be adjusted up to 115 dB.
  • Memory Functionality: Power outages won’t disrupt your settings; this smart unit remembers your chosen melody and volume levels, sparing you from resetting them every time.
  • Ease Of Setup: Installation is relatively straightforward, coming with screws, anchor plugs, a key, and adhesive patch. Plus, there’s the possibility of adding more receivers to broaden the coverage area for larger homes.


  • Chime Exclusivity: Some buyers have experienced limitations with interchanging chimes across multiple units, which might be inconvenient for those looking to maintain uniformity across different locations.
  • Volume Restrictions: While the doorbell carries a variety of tunes and is generally audible, there are instances where the volume may not suffice in more spacious environments or for those with hearing difficulties.
  • Adhesive Inconsistency: Although the inclusion of adhesive backing for installation offers convenience, there have been occasional reports of its ineffectiveness, prompting a reliance on the alternative screw-in method.
  • Tone Selection: While diverse, some of the 52 melodies may not be suitable for all users seeking a conventional doorbell sound, potentially leading to a process of trial and error to find the appropriate tone.

Installation And Setup

Components Included

  • Transmitter with pre-installed battery
  • Two receivers
  • Adhesive tape
  • Screwdriver
  • Screws and anchors

Steps For Installation

1. Attaching the Transmitter:

  • Location: Outside the door.
  • Methods: Use adhesive tape for a temporary fix or screws for a permanent setup.
  • Durability: Features an IP55 dustproof and waterproof rating for various climates.

2. Setting Up the Receivers:

  • Plug the receivers into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Pairing: Easily pair with the transmitter for efficient operation.
  • Range: Ensures coverage over 1300 feet.

3. Personalizing Your Doorbell:

  • Choose from 52 different tunes.
  • Adjust the volume up to 115 dB for audibility.

4. Memory Function:

  • Retains selected melody and volume level even after a power outage.

5. Expanding Coverage:

  • Option to add more receivers for larger homes.


  • The installation process is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require specialized skills or tools, making it suitable for DIY beginners.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following subsections aim to address some of the most frequent questions potential customers might have.

How do you replace the battery in an AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell?

To replace the battery in the AVANTEK doorbell, simply open the battery compartment on the transmitter’s back, remove the old CR2032 lithium battery, insert a new one with the positive side up, and then securely close the compartment.

What are the steps to pair an AVANTEK Wireless Doorbell?

Pairing involves plugging the receiver into an outlet, holding the volume button for 3 seconds until pairing mode activates (indicated by a flashing LED), and then pressing the transmitter button. The receiver confirms successful pairing by playing the chosen melody.

What distinguishes the AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell from other mini doorbells on the market?

The AVANTEK D-3W stands out with its 1300 ft range, 40 mm stereo speaker for clear sound, ultra-low power consumption transmitter with an IP55 rating, long battery life of up to 3 years, and a memory function that retains settings after power outages.

Are there any wireless doorbells that operate without batteries, and how do they work?

Yes, some wireless doorbells do not require batteries for the receivers as they plug directly into wall outlets for power. These doorbells typically involve using a transmitter that sends a wireless signal to the receiver when the push button is pressed, eliminating the need for battery replacement in the receiver units.

What troubleshooting steps can you take if your AVANTEK wireless doorbell is not working?

If the AVANTEK doorbell malfunctions, check the transmitter’s battery, ensure the receiver is plugged in and the outlet works, verify the doorbell’s range and absence of obstructions, re-pair the devices if needed, and adjust volume settings. Most issues can be resolved without professional help.

Choosing The AVANTEK D-3W Wireless Doorbell

The AVANTEK wireless doorbell is highly regarded for its functionality and convenience, featuring a wide operating range and a variety of melodies. It is easy to install, with a plug-in receiver design that eliminates battery concerns. While praised for its clear sound quality and sleek design, some users note challenges with volume in larger homes and a few less desirable ringtone options. Its reliability and the inclusion of both adhesive and screw installation options are appreciated. Despite minor issues like occasional missing adhesive tape or tone selection, the AVANTEK D-3W is generally considered a reliable and user-friendly doorbell solution.

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