The World of Modern Tech: Here Are New Products to Look Into

Sensor and DevicesSeptember 7, 2023

Modern technology has made doing the usual tasks easier and more accessible. New types of innovation are introduced, and life has become more uncomplicated than it can be for some people. 

Moreover, several technologies and products have become a buzzing topic on the Internet, making many users curious. If you want to be updated on what’s new, here’s a list of technologies you probably missed.


One of the popular retailers of this product, the Cutting-Edge Tracking Technology – digiDirect’s Apple AirTags, has reported that AirTag has been a popular item since its release. After Apple released the device, people enjoyed its several benefits. One of which includes tracking various things with the nifty tag. 

An AirTag is a small device you can purchase, connect to your phone, and attach to a particular object to easily find them. People usually put them on things they quickly lose or on their pets, allowing them to wander outside their homes without worry of getting lost. Lately, people have also utilized AirTags to locate their luggage when traveling, especially when boarding an airplane.

Aside from its primary use, AirTag is also used to control other things in the house remotely, thanks to its NFC function. Once your phone is connected to the smart technology, you can customize automation, which pops up when it detects your AirTag. Other functions include alarms, reminders, commute status, and more.


Many people have become closely knitted to computers and the Internet, to the point that some personal transactions are made online, and information is shared through it. As such, you must protect this private information as you surf the Internet. One way of doing so is through blockchain. This new Internet security tool has quickly become popular among users for a very important reason.

One of the most common issues with the Internet is the security threats. As such, blockchain allows Internet users to record information securely, making it impossible for the system to make any changes, get hacked, or be manipulated. It’s a distributed ledger that duplicates and distributes the recorded transaction across a network of computers.

To understand this fascinating technology, the “block” refers to the structure that contains transactional records, and the “chain” is the several databases in a connected network. Consider this a digital ledger that everyone can see but can’t corrupt.


If blockchain is too complicated for you, you can instead look into VPN. VPN or virtual private network also helps you in securing your Internet experience. Unlike blockchain, where you can only record transactions, duplicate, and distribute them, VPN technology allows you to hide your Internet address to roam around it freely. 

You can also connect your IP address to another country to access websites or applications only running in it. So, if you want to check a region-blocked website, running a VPN redirects your IP address to a particular country’s servers.

However, you must understand that VPNs can be costly and require monthly or annual subscriptions. Though free VPN software is available on the Internet, you need to be wary of trojan apps or the like, which will harm your desktop instead of protecting it. 

3D Printer

The creation of 3D art has made it faster and more accessible with the help of a machine. Nowadays, companies are able to produce less-pricey devices that even ordinary folks can purchase, called 3D printers.

Since then, it has become an exciting hobby that’s low cost, with various resources online. As such, content creators create various fun 3D-printed stuff for their own use.

If you want to bring a 3D model to life, you should check out 3D printers. But before getting one, you need to initially check if you have what it takes to start, such as background knowledge about the technicalities behind producing 3D art. Nonetheless, it’s not something you can’t learn as you practice.

Cutting-Edge Tracking Technology - digiDirect's Apple AirTags


AI, or artificial intelligence, has taken the Internet by storm after ChatGPT, a web page powered by this technology, responds in a very human-like manner compared to other chatbots. It utilizes Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF), which is the reason why it stands out among the rest.

But ever since its release, AI has been riddled with controversy, such as plagiarism and copyright concerns. 

One downside of this new technology is the lack of originality. Since an AI is a programmed technology, it only works within the boundary of its system. Hence, they can’t think on their own. The only way they can learn on their own is by feeding it data and experiences. 

Many people on the Internet have taken advantage of this tech. There are now several issues regarding copyright and plagiarism surrounding AI-produced art pieces. Some users feed AI programs with original art they stole online. This problem has bothered several artists and has been a topic of discussion in several communities.

Final Thoughts

Nothing is more exciting than discovering new technology. They enrich our lives, presenting innovation to problems that have long been a part of human life. But while most of these techs have proved helpful to our day-to-day routines, some are riddled with controversy. All in all, when using modern tech, it’s important to know its limits and set a boundary to keep yourself safe.

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