What types of hosting is out there and what to choose for yourself

Internet of ThingsOctober 11, 2023

Launching a website today is really easy. There are lots of guidance and video tutorials that you can follow and quickly create a website. Prior to reviewing tons of available information online, we recommend reading this article and getting a basic understanding of site requirements and types of hosting that are available. Also, you will get an understanding of whether you need a VPS sever Canada or you’d better choose another location and why specifically you would rather choose VPS or shared hosting.

Major things that are important for the site’s launch are domain name, web hosting, and content. Usually, there are no problems with the choice of the content or domain name, but users struggle with the purchase of the needed hosting plans. It may be really challenging to determine which hosting solution will suit your needs in case you have never launched a website.

Main types of hosting

-        Shared hosting

-        Dedicate server

-        VPS or Virtual Private Server

-        Cloud hosting

Shared hosting and why you should consider this option.  

This type of hosting is the most affordable variant that is offered by most hosting providers. As clear from its name, this is a specific type of hosting that shares the same space with several other sites. That’s why, it is a fantastic choice for newly created platforms with low budgeting. A simple website will perfectly function in a shared space.

The major benefit of using this plan is that you receive easily upgradable options with low maintenance and of course, it is really affordable. This sounds like a good starting point for any small business and then easily switches to another available hosting type.

Among some major concerns, we can specify security issues and traffic volume. Because you are sharing a website with others, your performance and security level will be also connected with your neighbors’ activity.

Who should try cloud hosting?

This type of web hosting doesn’t have an actual physical space, everything is happening over linked together servers which create “a cloud”. Due to the connection of several servers, there is more storage space and higher performance. In case of some issues with one specific server, your website will continue functioning because of the other resources.

Users choose web hosting when they are searching for a scalability option, faster load time, and reasonable pricing. Well, this hosting is more expensive than the shared one but cheaper than other variants.

It is an ideal choice for users who want fast loads even during high-traffic seasons and don’t want to bother with lots of technical management. Those who are looking for more customization should not consider cloud hosting as a choice.

What is VPS?

A virtual private server is still like a shared resource, but the space that you are purchasing is separated from other users.

This variant may be somehow related to private server usage because the user is getting a full amount of space. Here you don’t need to worry about the amount of traffic that is used by others on this server.

This will be a great option for those who want more customization, and outgrow the shared hosting, but still don’t have a budget for a dedicated server.

A small recommendation, if you are considering purchasing VPS or another hosting plan, choose a proper location. The closer geographically, you will be to the clients the faster your site will perform.  

Who might benefit from a dedicated server?

All businesses that have high traffic, need the highest security level, and full control over the customization will benefit from the choice of dedicated server hosting.

Of course, businesses that have the budget for a dedicated server may purchase their own server. However, web hosting providers will minimize not only the financial part but also the time spent on training and hiring professionals who will control the server functioning.  

A dedicated hosting is not just a server, it includes technical staff who are responsible for the management process as well as temperature-controlled rooms where all these servers are physically located. That all guarantees that a dedicated server is the best possible option for the full customization freedom, and security of the stored data.

This type of hosting is more expensive than other discussed variants for obvious reasons. Because of the cost and all the discussed characteristics, this option will perfectly suit large companies and bigger businesses. A small local shop will not profit from investing in a dedicated server.

If you are choosing a dedicated server for your business, then you should be prepared that customization/management of the system requires some technical skills.

To conclude, there are no good or bad hosting plans. Everything depends on the needs of your company and the requirements for the system. Businesses that have high-traffic websites will benefit from the dedicated hosting. Others can select a shared server, a cloud hosting, or VPS. Just search for a reliable hosting provider with a selection of plans to choose from.  

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