Apex Legends: What Race Is Crypto?

CryptocurrencyFebruary 21, 2022

An accomplished hacker and recon specialist, Crypto is a character that first appeared in Apex Legends Season 3. The following will provide you with all the information you need to know about Crypto’s character as well as his in-game abilities.

Character Description And Lore

Secrets are crypto’s specialty. An expert hacker and encryption specialist, he spies on his enemies with aerial drones without being seen in the Apex Area. There is also a secret he wants to keep to himself: his name is Tae Joon Park, a gamer who joined Apex Games in order to find those who had falsely accused him of murder. 

As an orphan abandoned by his parents at an early age, Tae Joon managed to escape poverty in the form of a career as a computer engineer with the Mercenary Syndicate, alongside Mila Alexander, his foster sister. On a random day, Tae Joon and Mila discovered an algorithm capable of predicting the outcome of any Apex Games match, which was hidden in the Games’ internal computer systems. 

That attracted the wrong kind of attention. The next morning, Mila vanished, forcing Tae Joon to go undercover amid accusations that he murdered her. In an effort to clear his name, he has joined the Games – sometimes, hiding in the spotlight is the best solution. 

Crypto Abilities

Since Crypto is a Recon Legend, he has an additional advantage enabling him to use Survey Beacons located around the map in order to predict where the next circle will land. In most cases, using Survey Beacons takes a matter of seconds. However, Crypto’s Drone will be able to communicate with the beacons in an instant and transmit the next circle’s location.

Crypto Passive Ability – Neurolink

The enemies discovered by the surveillance drone within 30 meters of your location are highlighted for your and your teammates’ viewing.

Crypto Tactical Ability – Surveillance Drone

A drone can be deployed to provide you with aerial views of the surrounding area. In the event that the drone is destroyed, you will have to wait forty seconds for a new drone to be deployed.

Crypto Ultimate Ability – Drone EMP

With your Surveillance Drone, you launch an EMP attack that damages shields, slows enemy movement, and disrupts traps.Would you like to know about the countries that have no bitcoin tax? Read our blog to learn.

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