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We appreciate your interest in contributing to Trustable Tech. People with an in-depth understanding of technologies and the Internet of Things are encouraged to send their guest posts to [email protected].

Our blog readers are tech enthusiasts, developers, and marketers in the application development arena. Therefore, send us a well-researched article on one of the following technology topics:

Topics We Cover

  • IoT/Internet of Things
  • IoT Software
  • IoT Projects/Project Ideas
  • IoT Platforms
  • IoT Devices/Hardware
  • IoT Development
  • IoT Data Analytics
  • IoT Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Smart Homes
  • Smart Cities
  • Security / Cybersecurity / IoT Security
  • Machine Learning (ML)
  • Industrial IoT / Industry 4.0 / IIOTEnterprise IoT
  • Digital Transformation
  • Connected Cars / Autonomous vehicles
  • Cloud Computing / Cloud IoT
  • Blockchain
  • Automation (home, business)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • 5G, Mobile, IoT Adoption

Guest Posting Guidelines

  1. The text should consist of at least 900 words, be free of grammatical errors, and typos, and make sense.
  2. We welcome promotional articles, but only if they provide valuable information to readers.
  3. You might include 3 to 5 frequently asked questions at the end of the post to increase its search engine visibility.
  4. Articles should be the author’s original work and unpublished elsewhere.
  5. Ensure that the article’s title is appealing and less than 70 characters.
  6. In addition, include a brief summary of the article to give users a condensed version of the information.
  7. Provide the featured image in HD resolution. If necessary, include additional photos in the body of the material.
  8. Link to your website should only be one and it will be tagged as do-follow. Additional links would be no-follow and should be linked to resource pages.
  9. Submit articles in Microsoft Word or Google Doc format as email attachments; for the image, it should sent as an attachment.
  10. Mention “Guest article” in the subject line and provide the author’s bio. Provide links to social profiles.

The evaluation procedure will take between two and four days; once accepted, we will schedule publishing. We reserve the right to edit and remove portions of your content to make it more readable and to ensure the satisfaction of your audience.

How to Contribute a Guest Post

If you are a skilled writer. You can contact us directly at [email protected]. You should include a Guest post in the subject line. In order for us to send it to our Editorial team.

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