How Many IoT Devices Are There?

Internet of ThingsSeptember 23, 2022

How many IoT devices are there, given that nearly everything we see and touch today may connect to the internet? Let’s find out! The digital revolution has transformed our way of life.

It has gone a long way since its infancy, when its primary function was to operate as a communication intermediate. And while it retains its primary function as a communication tool, experts have redefined how they may use this capacity to make robots operate autonomously!

In this post, you will find out how many IoT devices exist in 2022, as well as several other intriguing pieces of information about this innovative technology.

How Many IoT Devices Are There in 2022?

The number of Internet of Things devices in 2022 will be 11 billion and rising rapidly! Every second, around 130 devices connect for the first time to the internet.

Experts anticipate that there will be 19 billion IoT devices with a market worth of $1.6 trillion in the next three years, as this number increases rapidly. By 2030, the number of IoT devices might reach 29.4 billion, or close to three times the present total.

This is because it is anticipated that more nations will automate in the next years, and many investors will continue to spend on making IoT’s infrastructure better and more accessible to all users.

What is Internet-of-Things All About?

Have you ever puzzled why all gadgets, including your refrigerator, house switch, and automobile, can connect to the internet today? All of this is made possible by the internet of things, commonly known as IoT. This technology supports a network of “things,” or physical items equipped with high-tech sensors and software that enables them to connect to the internet and respond to human-to-computer orders.

IoT devices can range from simple domestic and industrial gadgets to more complex computer devices, as well as smart cities and highly technological medical treatments. Simply defined, Internet of Things devices are internet-capable devices.

Internet of Things Equipment Over Time 

The growth rate of IoT devices has been exponential over time.

According to Statista, examine the number of linked IoT devices from 2019 to the present.

There will also be a prognosis for the subsequent years until 2030.

  • 2019 — 8.6 billion IoT devices
  • 2020 — 9.7 billion IoT devices
  • 2021 – 11.3 billion IoT devices 
  • 2022 – 13 billion IoT devices

Projections for the coming years until 2030:

  • 2023 – 15 billion IoT devices
  • 2024 – 17 billion IoT devices
  • 2025 – 19 billion IoT devices
  • 2026 – 21 billion IoT devices
  • 2027 – 23 billion IoT devices
  • 2028 – 25 billion IoT devices
  • 2029 – 27 billion IoT devices
  • 2030 – 29 billion IoT devices


The introduction of IoT has altered the global scene. Today, a single command is sufficient to complete a task. Even lights may be turned on and off with a single handclap. We may not recognize it, yet the internet-of-things is the reason why everything is quick and convenient. So whether we wake up to automated alarms or receive individualized fitness recommendations, IoT is performing the work in the background. It is a game-changing development.

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