What Are The Best New Stocks To Invest In?

Market TrendsJune 14, 2022

There is constant change in the equity market, as macroeconomic trends lead to new stocks becoming popular. In some cases, these new stocks are listed as IPOs. Still, many are established businesses that have experienced a sharp rise in profits, which has attracted institutional and retail investors.

This guide looks at the top new stocks to watch in 2022, highlighting which companies have the best potential before showing you how to invest completely commission-free.

Most Popular New Stocks 

On our list of most popular new stocks, most are growth stocks, which have been experiencing a hard time because of inflation and the rumored rise in interest rates. When you own stocks regularly, you’ll be aware that these factors are periodic – which means the companies are likely to recover sooner rather than later.

To start, let’s take a look at a few of the top new stocks on the market right now:

1. Battle Infinity – Overall Best New Cryptocurrency

It is our recommendation that Battle Infinity be watched as the best new cryptocurrency during the year 2022. Known as Battle Infinity, it is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency gaming platform offering multiple P2E platforms for both users and creators. You can access these P2E platforms through the Battle Arena – the metaverse platform where the games are located.

There are six different P2E games on the Battle Arena platform, all of which utilize the IBAT token – an in-game cryptocurrency. The coin was built using the Binance Smart Chain, which follows the BEP-20 protocol. There are several games available, including Battle Swap.

2. Lucky Block – Most Popular New Asset to Watch in 2022

Lucky Block is one of the leading new stocks on the market. It is important to note that Lucky Block is not a stock but a cryptocurrency. In spite of this, it is one of this year’s most exciting assets.

To put it simply, Lucky Block is a blockchain-based gaming platform based on blockchain technology that offers regular prize draws. The prize will be driven by the growth of the platform – which means the more people who use Lucky Block, the more rewards there will be. Furthermore, since Lucky Block is based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), all transactions are publicly accessible, providing a high level of transparency.

3. Grab Holdings – Asia-Based Company with Huge Growth Potential

It is also important to keep an eye on Grab Holdings, another popular new tech stock. Grab Holdings is a company based in Asia with a focus on food delivery and transportation. In the same way as Uber, Grab is a fully digital company that operates through a mobile application, making it one of the fastest-growing businesses in the region. 

4. Tilray Brands – Most Popular Cannabis Stock to Watch

Tilray Brands (also known as Tilray) has long been regarded as one of the market’s top cannabis stocks – however, the company has struggled to meet investor expectations. It is technically classified as a ‘pharmaceutical’ company; however, it specializes in cannabis products as well as cannabis-related products. Even though the company is based in New York, its products cannot be sold in the United States.

5. Rivian Automotive – Exciting US-Based Electric Vehicle Company

Shares of Rivian were one of the top stocks in the IPO market last year, up 68% in the first few weeks after the company went public. Nevertheless, since peaking on November 16th, RIVN’s share price has fallen sharply – trading at around $30 – a fall of 81% from the all-time high.

Several of these decreases are caused by supply chain shortages, creating chaos for small businesses like Rivian. In spite of this, Rivian’s products are in high demand, and the company’s CEO has said 25,000 vehicles will be delivered this year. As a result, Rivian will demonstrate that it has turned a corner, allowing the company to return to its previous highs and possibly even higher.

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