Best Robot Vacuum For Hardwood Floors And Pet Hair

Smart Home DeviceOctober 13, 2022

It might be annoying to have to clean up after a shedding pet all the time. Even if you like your pets, their hair and dandruff can rapidly accumulate and become tangled in fabrics or beneath the furniture. Fortunately, by automating the cleaning process, a robot vacuum may help lift some of the burdens from your shoulders. 

So that you may spend more time with your cats or dogs, it can autonomously move around your home and collect pet hair. If you’re in the midst of seasonal shedding, a robot vacuum can be useful since you can configure it to clean a room many times each day if necessary.

Below are our suggestions for the top robot vacuums for dogs to buy after testing more than 50 different models. These suggestions are based on the product’s ability to remove pet hair from various surfaces as well as their style and cost. See our lists of the best robot vacuums, best robotic vacuums for hardwood floors, best handheld vacuums for pet hair, and more for more information.

iRobot Roomba S9

The iRobot Roomba S9 is the top robot vacuum we tested for pet hair. Pet hair is effectively removed by this expensive robot vacuum from both low- and high-pile carpets as well as bare surfaces. Additionally, it has a built-in HEPA filter to assist capture tiny allergens while it cleans. 

To assist you in untangling any knotted hair wraps, its two brush rolls are simply detachable. Depending on the surface it is on, it may also automatically alter the brushroll height. With the help of its optical navigation technology, which creates a permanent map of its coverage area, you can direct the vacuum to particular areas in your house or set up virtual boundaries that it won’t cross. 

However, as it is incapable of avoiding risks in real-time, such as pet feces, be careful to clear any such hazards before allowing it to operate. It isn’t the ideal choice if cheap ownership costs are a key consideration in your purchase selection because it has a few parts that need replacement over time. 

If you require a vacuum that can also handle any muck or dirt your pet could drag into your home, the lack of a mopping attachment could be a deal-breaker. It can be upgraded to a self-emptying base station, although this is a costly addition.

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