FullHouse Wireless Doorbell Review: Top Choice?

Smart Home DeviceDecember 6, 2023

Enhance your home or office with the FullHouse Wireless Doorbell. This kit includes two push buttons and three receivers, covering multiple rooms with a 1000-foot range. It offers 60 chimes, five volume levels, a silent mode with LED notifications, and an IP44 waterproof rating for outdoor durability. Easy to install, it’s a practical and customizable solution for any space.

This review explores the FullHouse Wireless Doorbell. Learn about the extended range, 60 chimes, easy installation, and ideal for homes/offices.

Overview Of The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell

The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell offers convenience and functionality, ideal for homes and offices. Features include distinguishable chimes for different doors, extended range, volume control with silent mode, and LED alerts. It’s easy to install and expandable, though some users report occasional malfunctions. Overall, it’s a practical, customizable choice for a doorbell system.

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Key Features

When choosing a wireless doorbell, it’s important to consider how its features will fit into your lifestyle and household needs. Below, we explore the primary features that set this product apart.

Personalized Tones For Each Door

The ability to distinguish between a front and back door ring is particularly useful in a busy home. This model offers distinct tones for each push button, ensuring you can easily identify at which door your visitor is waiting. This feature is simple to configure, providing added convenience for the user.

Extended Wireless Range

No more missed callers due to being out of range. The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell boasts an impressive 1000 feet open-air range. This extended reach ensures that you can hear the bell no matter where you are within your home or garden, with reduced performance through walls, as expected.

Variety Of Melodies And Volume Levels

Customization is key with this doorbell. It offers a selection of 60 melodies, catering to a wide range of preferences. The volume is adjustable over five levels, with a peak of 110dB – loud enough for even the noisiest environments. Additionally, there is a silent mode that only triggers an LED flash, perfect for times when peace is needed.

Durable And Weatherproof Design

Resistance to weather elements is crucial for any outdoor device. The IP44 waterproof rating on the push button ensures that the product can withstand the elements, making it suitable for outdoor exposure. It’s designed to handle everything from sizzling summers to rainy spells.

Ease Of Installation And Expandability

Installation simplicity is where the FullHouse kit shines. The system is plug-and-play, requiring minimal setup time with options for tape or screw mounts. For those who have a larger property or specific requirements, the system is expandable, supporting additional transmitters and an unlimited number of receivers, tailoring to the user’s expansion needs as they arise.


  • Customizable alerts with distinct chimes for each door, ideal for large homes.
  • Extensive range ensures notification anywhere in the home.
  • 60 melodies and adjustable volume up to 110dB to suit preferences.
  • Silent mode with LED flash for quiet times.
  • Weatherproof (IP44 rating), ensuring durability outdoors.
  • Easy installation and expandability, supporting up to eight transmitters and unlimited receivers.


  • Some reports of false alarms, with the doorbell ringing unexpectedly.
  • Concerns over longevity, with malfunctions noted after 2-3 years.
  • Occasional product reliability issues, despite generally easy installation.

Usability In Different Environments

The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell adapts well beyond homes, functioning effectively in larger homes, offices, and even commercial spaces like schools and hospitals. Its 1000-foot range and five volume levels ensure audibility in various environments. The doorbell’s IP44 weatherproof rating guarantees outdoor durability, while its simple installation and expandability cater to growing business needs. The LED flash feature is beneficial in noisy areas, adding visual alerts. Despite some reports of spontaneous ringing, its overall reliability remains high.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a comprehensive compilation of such inquiries and their respective answers, provided to aid in making an informed purchase decision.

What features should I consider when choosing a wireless doorbell?

When selecting a wireless doorbell, important features to consider are its range, to ensure it covers your desired area; a variety of tones and adjustable volume for customization; a weatherproof rating for durability against environmental elements; ease of installation and the option to expand with more transmitters or receivers; and compatibility with smart home systems if required.

How long do batteries typically last in wireless doorbells?

The FullHouse model uses two CR123A batteries, which can last for a considerable time. However, battery life is influenced by usage frequency, so if the doorbell is used frequently, you might need to replace the batteries sooner.

Are FullHouse Wireless Doorbells compatible with smart home systems?

While compatibility will vary depending on the specific smart home system, it’s essential to check product details or contact the manufacturer regarding smart home integration.

What are the common issues with wireless doorbells and how can they be troubleshooted?

Common issues with wireless doorbells include unexpected ringing or lack of ringing, limited range, and interference. To troubleshoot these problems, check and replace batteries when needed, ensure there’s no interference from other electronic devices, and follow the instruction manual to reset or re-pair the transmitter and receivers.

How does the video quality of wireless doorbell cameras compare to wired versions?

While the FullHouse Wireless Doorbell does not have a camera, in general, wireless doorbell cameras can offer high-quality video, but wired versions typically provide more reliable power and can handle higher bandwidth, thereby possibly providing better video quality. 

Analyzing The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell

The FullHouse Wireless Doorbell emerges as a versatile and reliable choice for those seeking a modern solution to doorbell systems. Its extensive range, customizable tones, adjustable volume levels, and weatherproof design make it suitable for a wide array of environments, from residential homes to commercial spaces. While there are some concerns about its longevity and occasional malfunctions, these are relatively minor when weighed against the doorbell’s overall functionality and user-friendly design. With its ease of installation and potential for expansion, the FullHouse Wireless Doorbell stands out as a valuable investment for anyone looking to upgrade their doorbell system. Whether for a bustling household or a dynamic office setting, this doorbell system promises to meet and exceed expectations.

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