Does Google Nest Work With Homekit?

Home AutomationNovember 30, 2022

It was impossible to directly connect Google Nest products with Apple Homekit, except if you used bridge tools like HomeBridge or Starling Home Hub or an automation tool via IFFTT. Interoperability among smart devices is a common challenge since they use different connectivity standards. 

But, thanks to Matter, a new smart home connectivity standard, this impossibility is now a reality. In the quest for seamless smart home integration, it’s great news that these tech giants have decided to come together so their devices can easily connect with each other. 

So if you’re wondering, “does Nest work with Homekit?” Then the simple answer is YES, it does. 

What Is Matter?

Many smart devices on the market run on different connectivity standards, making compatibility and interoperability challenging. However, the Connectivity Standards Alliance (CSA), a group responsible for building the foundation and future of IoT, has advocated using an open-source connectivity standard that allows smart home devices to work together regardless of the ecosystem they’re part of. 

This means that Google Nest thermostats can be managed using the Apple Homekit. Or a smart plug built for Apple HomeKit would respond to an Alexa voice command. Or you can use your iPad to turn on smart lights previously supported only by Samsung SmartThings.

Matter is the new open-sourced IP-based connectivity standard that will now be used by smart home manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and other companies creating smart accessories. 

Devices used to have a list of supported home assistants, but with the rollout of Matter, they will only feature a Matter logo, and you’d know they’ll be compatible with any smart home ecosystem.  

How Does Nest Work With HomeKit?

How Does Nest Work With HomeKit

Matter has only been released this Fall and it will take some time before updates roll out across home products. If you’re purchasing a new smart home device, there’s a huge chance it already uses Matter. However, if you still have old models of these devices, like the Google Nest Doorbell (formerly Nest Hello), you only have to wait for their firmware to be updated. 

Right now, the best way to still connect Google Nest devices to Apple HomeKit is by using a bridging tool like the Starling Home Hub: Nest HomeKit Integration

This home automation device connects the Nest Thermostat, Nest Protect, Nest Hello, Nest Secure, and other Nest devices to your Apple Watch, iPad, or iPhone. It’s a plug-and-play solution where you only connect the hub to your home internet network used by all your devices through an ethernet cable. You can also connect Google Nest speakers to AirPlay and use Siri Commands to control Nest settings. 

Instantly, you can receive Nest notifications on your Apple devices. You can also install the Nest App on your iPhone and manage your Nest devices from there. There are no complicated or additional steps necessary. 

Enjoy Seamless Smart Home Automation Today

You no longer have to choose between Google Home products and your favorite Apple devices. With a HomeBridge hub and the upcoming Matter updates, smart home automation becomes more integrated and seamless than before. With all these connected devices, security becomes a constant concern.

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