Reprogramming Roku Remote Buttons: A Guide

Home AutomationNovember 28, 2022

Have you ever accidentally hit the wrong button on your Roku remote? Perhaps your children or pets enjoy playing with the remote and changing the channel while you’re not looking. Maybe you just want the buttons customized to meet your needs? 

Whatever the reason, reprogramming Roku remote buttons might be helpful. However, there have been a lot of requests and various threads on Roku’s community forum asking about reprogramming the bottom four buttons dedicated to specific apps, but Roku hasn’t heeded any of them. 

The reason for this is that these are pre-agreed advertising spots for these streaming companies. Depending on where and when you purchase the remote, the shortcut buttons will be different, and you can’t change them.  

Despite that, there is still hope. Check out the alternatives to help you maximize your Roku streaming experience.

Alternatives To Reprogramming Roku Remote Buttons

If you want to reprogram Roku remote buttons, the following alternatives are your best options. 

Get The Roku Ultra 

The Roku Ultra comes with advanced voice controls, which offer two personal shortcut buttons that you can program with a supported voice command. You can simply say, “Hey Roku, launch [channel],” and it will open the channel (or streaming app) of your choice. 

The Roku Ultra is the latest model of Roku streaming devices that features a lightning-fast interface, private listening, music streaming, many hands-free voice controls, and a lost remote finder. 

Shop Around At Different Stores

It’s not a secret that stores carry different Roku remote control versions. If you buy from Walmart, the remote has a Vudu button, while Target has other buttons. Netflix is a staple button, but some have Google Play, Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney. 

As mentioned, these four buttons depend on the advertising agreements between Roku, the apps, and the stores selling them. While you won’t be able to reprogram the buttons, you can probably find a store selling the collection of Roku remote buttons that you like. 

Create Home Screen Shortcuts

If the reason you want to reprogram Roku remote buttons is that you want a quick way to access your favorite channels and apps, then you can create shortcuts on the home menu. When you add a new app, they appear at the bottom of the screen. 

Using the navigational keypad, you can highlight your favorite apps and move them to the top of the screen. Organizing your apps this way helps you access them quickly. Just press the Home Button, and you’d see your app right at the top. 

Use the Roku Mobile App

Turn your smartphone into a Roku remote by downloading the Roku TV app. The app gives you a more convenient way of navigating your Roku TV, so you won’t even consider reprogramming any remote buttons. 

Enjoying Your Roku TV

While it’s true that you can’t reprogram Roku remote buttons for your convenience, there are plenty of alternatives to achieve your desired outcome. This limitation shouldn’t be a deal breaker when considering a Roku Smart TV because the benefits far outweigh the limitations.

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