How To Reprogram A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

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Garage door openers are great products that give us a lot of conveniences. Sometimes, however, certain events happen, and you need to update your smart device

Check out the following steps to understand how to reprogram a Chamberlain garage door opener. 

Steps On How To Reprogram A Chamberlain Garage Door Opener

It’s easy to reprogram a Chamberlain garage door opener. You just need the remote and access the LEARN button. 

1. Erase The Door Opener’s Memory

First, you must reset the door opener by deleting all previous programming codes: 

  • Look for the LEARN button at the back of the motor housing 
  • Hold the button for six seconds until the LED light beside it goes out 
  • Reset the garage door opener and erase all the existing programming

Check if you’re successful by opening the garage door using the remote.

2. Reconnect The Remote Control 

Next, you need to program the remote control following the exact steps for your particular model. If you forgot the model of your garage door opener, simply look at the color of the LEARN button. The color corresponds to the number of times you need to press the button

Color of LEARN ButtonNo. of PressesGarage Door Opener Model
Yellow1Security+ 2.0
Purple2315 MHz Security+
Red/Orange3390 MHz Security+
Green4390 MHz Billion Code

When you start to reprogram your remote control, you only have 30 seconds to accomplish everything. So ensure everything is ready and you are familiar with the steps. 

  1. On your remote control, look for a metal chip inside a hole. This can be found on the side or the back behind a vizor. Hold this button using a straight and sturdy wire because it’s not easy to press to prevent you from accidentally reprogramming your door opener. A paper clip can be an ideal item to use. 
  2. Press this button until the light comes on. When it does, you have 30 seconds to complete the reprogramming steps. 
  3. Press and release the LEARN button on the garage door opener. 
  4. Then, press the desired button on the remote corresponding to the number of presses for the color of your LEARN button. 

You’d know that everything is successful if the LED bulb blinks. To check, go to your garage door and use the remote to open it. 

3. Reprogram The Keypad

To reprogram the keypad:

  1. Press the LEARN button on the motor housing. Once the LED light turns on, you have 30 seconds to complete the process.
  2. Enter the 4-digit code and press ENTER until you hear a click.
  3. Check f the light bulb flashes.
  4. Press ENTER on the keypad and wait for the garage door to close. Press the 4-digit code and check if the door opens. 

Wrapping Up

Smart devices like garage door openers bring convenience to our daily lives, so knowing how to reprogram a Chamberlain garage door opener will help you big time. With it, you can access your garage quickly and without any hassle. 

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