Best Smart Home Devices to Grab in 2023

Smart Home DeviceNovember 16, 2022

As 2022 draws to a close, it’s time for us to compile a list of the greatest smart home goods on the market right now, including everything from smart speakers and home hubs to thermostats and robot vacuums. There is something on our list that ought to satisfy your needs, whether you’re looking for a new smart display or a light bulb that works well with voice assistants.

In several product categories, primarily those involving smart speakers and screens, we provide more than one item. All smart devices need is a reliable internet connection like the one provided by HughesNet. We recommend contacting HughesNet customer service if you’re looking for high-speed internet with almost 100% serviceability across the country.

Remember that not all of the items on this list were released this year as well. Simply because a terrific product debuted before January 1, 2022, we won’t refrain from endorsing it.

Amazon Echo Dot with clock

The updated Echo Dot with Clock is the smart speaker that offers the best value for your money. The clock-packed Amazon Echo Dot’s fifth edition has a bigger driver for better audio performance, a larger display that can now display the title and artist of a song, and a more potent CPU. The ability to operate as a Wi-Fi extender for Amazon’s Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers and an ambient temperature sensor that can activate Alexa routines are two new capabilities that we’re very excited about.

Amazon Echo Dot Kids

The fifth-generation Echo Dot Kids has the same hardware as the ordinary Echo Dot and offers all of the same features and functionality as its bigger brother, including the new temperature sensor and Eero mesh extender capabilities. However, the Echo Dot Kids costs an additional $10 and features fabric covers with kid-friendly patterns, a warranty that is far longer, and—best of all—a year’s worth of membership to the Amazon Kids+ subscription service, which is worth $48. Additionally, the Echo Dot Kids will continue to work as a standard Echo Dot with parental restrictions if you choose not to renew Kids+.

Amazon Echo Show I0 (3rd Gen)

Amazon altered the game with the third-generation Echo Show by introducing a stunning feature: a display that swivels to follow you around the room. In order to make video calls, the Echo Show 10 can follow your motions, or it can keep its display visible while you’re watching TV or cooking. Additionally, the Echo Show 10 offers impressive audio performance. Do you wonder why the more recent Echo Show 15 isn’t listed here? We like the huge screen and widgets of that smart display, and we anticipate Amazon providing a Fire TV experience on it. However, if you don’t want to attach it to the wall, you’ll need to purchase an adapter, and it lacks a Zigbee radio that enables it to function as a smart home hub.

Google Nest Audio

The Google Home Max has been discontinued, making the Nest Audio the company’s current top smart speaker. The excellent Max was a bit of a giant, but the Nest Audio, which is smaller and only $100, is much more reasonable. The Nest Audio, which boasts a sturdy aluminum chassis, a tweeter, and a mid-woofer, produces unexpectedly rich, detailed audio, and deep sonics, while Google Assistant’s replies are sped up by the device’s AI processor. Speaking of Google Assistant, the Nest Audio can operate your smart devices just like any other Google smart speaker, and if you pay for the $6/month Nest Aware subscription, it can even listen for ominous noises like smoke alarms or shattering glass.

Google Nest Hub Max

The Google Nest Hub Max ticks several of our favorite criteria, making it the ideal kitchen mate. It has a large 10-inch display that also functions as an AI-powered photo frame, surprisingly good audio quality, an integrated Nest camera that can monitor your home, Chromecast, and, of course, an onboard Google Assistant. The Nest Hub Max’s ability to function as a Thread border router and link Matter-enabled devices to the internet is made possible by a Thread radio hidden inside. If you spend $65 a month for YouTube TV, you can finally use the Nest Hub Max as a traditional TV.

Apple HomePod Mini

Since Apple discontinued the original HomePod last year, the HomePod mini is the company’s lone smart speaker, and it’s a standout. The HomePod mini is the item you should get if you have an iPhone and are seeking a smart home hub with the finest privacy features. Although the Amazon and Google rival solutions are older and larger than Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem, the items that get HomeKit certification are of extremely high quality. You can use Siri to answer common questions, manage any HomeKit-compatible gadget, start Apple Music, send messages to other Apple users in your home, and more.

Bottom Line

In addition to being simple to install, smart homes are also straightforward for individuals to use and maintain. You won’t have any trouble using your smart home appliances, even if you believe you are not as tech-savvy as you should be. Your everyday life will instantly become luxurious once you invest in smart home technology without going over budget.

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