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Smart Home DeviceOctober 25, 2022

If you want to give off the “future vibe,” learning how to utilize Alexa to manage your smart lights is a must.

Controlling your smart lights with your voice has a certain wow factor for users of Amazon’s Echo brand of smart speakers — or the various other devices with Alexa built-in — and may be quite useful. For example, you’ve saved a lot of stubbed toes over the years thanks to the fact that you can turn off the lights without getting out of bed.

The capabilities of Alexa for managing smart lighting go beyond the simple on/off toggle. Instead, Alexa’s cutting-edge AI will lead you to a fully mechanized dwelling. 

In this post, we are going to dig into the types of different Alexa Smart Light bulbs so that anyone can choose according to their desire

Geeni Prisma LED Smart Bulb

Geeni Prisma Plus is an affordable option for first-time users of smart home technology, and it works with Amazon’s Alexa. 

After you have synced your device with Alexa, you will be able to issue voice commands such as “Alexa, set the light to mild white” or “Alexa, lower the bedroom light to X%.”

The lights may also be managed with the Geeni app, which features two-factor authentication for added account safety. 

The light bulb has various pre-programmed lighting options, such as a rainbow, reading, and a party setting. In addition to the pre-made scenery and scheduling options, you may also make your own! 

It also provides:

  • The App provides a Two-Factor Authentication option.
  • Flexible light bulb, able to change color or brightness
  • Compatible with the Alexa & Google Assistant systems

The Prisma Smart Bulb by Geeni is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a smart bulb compatible with Alexa and won’t break the bank.

Philips Hue Ambiance Gen 3

All things considered, Philips Hue produces the most reliable smart lamps compatible with Alexa. 

We found these lights among the brightest and simplest to use. With Alexa voice control, you may ask your Echo speaker or the Alexa app to adjust the light’s brightness and hue (from many options) and/or activate various preprogrammed scenes. Here are a few Pros and Cons of this device:


  • Compatible with the AIs Alexa, Google, and iOS devices use
  • Flavorful color scheme
  • Simple installation and a well-designed mobile app.


  • Having a central hub is essential for remote operation.

The only real drawback of Hue bulbs is that they need the accompanying hub to function properly, unlike other smart light bulbs. 

Although extra hardware isn’t a selling point, the Hue bulbs’ high performance and dependability make the Starter Kit’s inclusion of the Hue bridge a no-brainer.

Feit Electric Smart Bulb

Smart lighting at a low price is now possible with Feit Electric’s Smart Bulbs, which are also easy to set & control using Amazon’s Alexa. The light bulbs sync over a 2.4GHz network and can be managed remotely via an accompanying mobile app.

Once we realized that we just needed to press & hold the bulb in the app, changing the lights’ color was quite simple. The brightness of Feit’s bulbs may be adjusted in the app or by voice, and they showcase a variety of color temperatures and white tints.

The lack of two-factor identification, a feature that greatly improves the security of your account, is a major drawback of the program. 

The bulbs can be configured to turn ON & OFF at specific times. But that’s in terms of features compared to smart bulbs that can be controlled depending on their location.


  • Color Changing Bulb
  • Compatible with the Alexa & Google systems
  • Easy to set up


  • The app is a little hard to use.

These are some of the recommended Hi-Tech smart bulbs that have the ability to sync with Alexia. Want to learn more about smart technology? Read our blog to find out interesting insights about the finance world.

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