5 Smart Locks That Work With Alexa

Smart Home DeviceJanuary 16, 2023

Today, Alexa can be found built into a wide variety of smart home gadgets. That said, you can protect your home or business from intruders by installing a top-notch smart lock that works with Alexa, and you can use your voice to unlock your door. 

If you want to make an informed decision about which smart locks to buy, you should know ahead of time which smart home platforms they support ahead of time. In this article, we will learn about smart locks that work with Alexa.

Best 5 Smart Locks That Work With Alexa

Most modern smart locks can be controlled from a distance using a smartphone app. By linking your smart lock to Alexa, you can use voice commands to operate your smart locks and unlock your smart home. All the smart locks listed below have good ratings and reasonable prices. 

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The elegant August Wi-Fi Smart Lock works with most deadbolts without replacing your keys. Also, Alexa can lock and unlock the door, or your smartphone may unlock it as you approach. 

It supports Z-Wave Plus and Apple’s HomeKit over Wi-Fi without the bridge earlier generations needed. This August smart lock also has a 24/7 activity feed, keyless access for whoever you choose, and your fingerprint can unlock your door for two-factor authentication. For your convenience, it informs Alexa about changing batteries as well.

2. August Smart Lock Pro

August’s latest Smart Lock Pro has many useful features. With the + Connect module, it supports Bluetooth, Apple HomeKit, Z-Wave Plus, and Wi-Fi. Plus, password protection and other features can keep your home or business safe. 

The Smart Lock Pro also unlocks automatically when a sensor activates. In addition to these upgrades, it currently has biometric scanners to track workers with cards or smart card readers.

3. Yale Assure Lock

Yale Assure smart locks are one of the best as it features a touch screen, remote control using your phone, and a backup keyed lock. It also lets you use a key or “hide” a spare key if you’re not ready to go keyless. The Yale August smart lock lets you lock and unlock your phone, share access using user codes, and track usage history.

4. Schlage Encode Smart

A physical key is always essential, but a PIN may be handier. Alexa can lock and unlock your door and share up to 30 personalized access codes with Schlage Encode. NFC unlocks the Schlage Encode Plus with a tap of your phone. This Wi-Fi-connected doorlock lets you unlock your door from anywhere and track who has entered and left your property.

5. Lockly Secure Pro

Lockly has produced a fingerprint-scanning, Bluetooth- and WiFi-connected smart lock. It comes in both deadbolt and latch varieties. The WiFi bridge and wireless door sensor included with the Pro edition enable remote control even outside the Bluetooth range and send alerts whenever the door is opened or closed. 

Visitors and family members can be given temporary access codes. That said, Lockly Secure Pro is ideal for hotels, condos, and other lodgings with a high turnover of guests who all need their own individual access credentials.

Update Your Home Security With Smart Locks That Work With Alexa 

If you want to feel secure in a world where everything is becoming digital, you can do so by installing smart locks that work with Alexa. They’re useful, and they can make the security process much easier.

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