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CryptocurrencyMarch 17, 2023

With the explosive growth of the Helium Network in late 2021, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) startup licensed a number of third-party hotspots to provide coverage for their network. These Helium-compatible hotspots operate in 868 to 930 MHz frequency bands and can mine a certain amount of HNT tokens daily. However, not all hotspot miners are created equal. 

The Bobcat 500 Miner is regarded by many as one of the most cost-effective Helium miners available today. In fact, the Bobcat 500 had a global market share of 30% in 2022, with more than 400,000 units sold. This article discusses the special features of the Bobcat 500 Miner, along with its technical specifications. Read the article below to learn more. 

What Is Bobcat 500 Miner 

The Bobcat 500 Miner is the latest hotspot from Bobber that is compatible with The People’s Network. With upgraded networking features, users and other Helium Network participants can access a 5G-ready gateway with this industrial-grade device.

The People’s Network relies on the Bobcat 500 Miner to extend its wireless coverage and provide network services to other low-power IoT devices. Additionally, Bobcat 500 Miners and validators that participate in Helium’s Proof of Coverage work algorithm receive the Blockchain’s native cryptocurrency token, $HNT. 

Generally, the Bobcat 500 Miner plays an important role in Helium’s mission of developing and sustaining decentralized wireless networks that offer faster, reliable connections than traditional cellular service providers. 

Why Bobcat 500 Miner? What Makes It Different?

The Bobcat 500 Miner is an efficient, high-performance hotspot miner that is designed to work well with Helium LongFi. This revolutionary device is capable of integrating the Helium Blockchain with various LoRaWAN-compatible devices. Furthermore, compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum mining equipment, the Bobcat 500 consumes less power (0.12 kWh) and is easier to set up. 

It is also equipped with FreedomFi-certified Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) small cells, such as Baicells and Mosolabs, that allow the Bobcat 500 Miner to support a broader range of U.S.-only frequencies. 

With HIP-53 support and a 5G-ready gateway, the Bobcat 500 is capable of mining a new form of token rewards known as MOBILE. The MOBILE token is redeemable for $HNT, allowing you to earn more Helium coins and increase your Bobcat Miner profitability. 

Technical Specifications

As an upgrade to the 200 and 300 series, the Bobcat 500 Miner is equipped with powerful hardware components and advanced software features. Additionally, it includes the following technical specifications:

  • Processor : Quad-core Atom x6413e 3.0GHz 
  • RAM : SO-DIMM for DDR4-2666Mhz 4GB 
  • Storage : M.2 SATA III 64GB SSD
  • Security : TPM 2.0 
  • Input Voltage : DC12V/5A 
  • Operating Power : 25W max
  • Dimensions : 239.4mm*211mm * 51.75mm  
  • Chassis Type : Fanless
  • IP Grade : IP30
  • Antenna : LoRa: reverse polarity male SMA 
  • Power Source : DC Jack 5.5x2.5mm 

Benefits Of Bobcat 500 Miner

Aside from providing fast, affordable, and completely secure universal internet access, the Bobcat 500 Miner also offers additional benefits, including:

Omni Protocol Miner. Since they support both 5G & LTE coverage and LoRaWAN protocol, users of the Bobcat 500 are able to mine both HNT and MOBILE tokens more efficiently and in greater amounts. 

5G Ready. The Bobcat 500 Miner does not require any upgrades for its 5G capabilities. Rather, it is plug-and-play with licensed CBRS 5G small cells and LTE. 

Industrial Grade Design. Built with high-quality materials, the Bobcat 500 Miner seamlessly combines sleek design with optimal performance capable of providing exceptional wireless network services. 

Heat Sink Frame. The Bobcat 500 Miner is engineered with durable thermal conducting materials, allowing the device to consume less electricity, produce less heat, and prevent any system failure due to overheating. 

Powered By FreedomFi. Several different IoT devices and CBRS small-cell radios are now supported by the Bobcat 500 Miner, increasing its hotspot coverage and functionality. 

Special Features Of Bobcat 500 Miner

Not only is the Bobcat 500 Miner equipped with industrial-grade hardware, but it also has sophisticated special features that set it apart from other Helium miners. 

The Bobcat 500 Miner is powered by FreedomFi 5G Gateway firmware, which has been developed by FreedomFi, the architects and pioneers of Helium’s decentralized network. This firmware allows the device to stay up-to-date with the latest software upgrades and recommended updates from The People’s Network. 

Furthermore, the Bobcat 500 also comes with the newly released Bobber App that enables users to securely manage their Helium gateways and hotspots via remote access. The smartphone app also features advanced diagnostics and a built-in Web Dashboard with reboot and reset controls. The Bobber app also synchronizes automatically with the Helium App so Bobcat 500 owners may access their wallets and track their HNT earnings without compromising their security.  


It is essential to have superior mining equipment that can earn more HNT tokens as more miners join the Helium Network. The Bobcat 500 Miner is an efficient, high-performance hotspot miner that offers numerous benefits and special features. 

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