Google Home Door Lock: Everything You Need To Know

IoT SecurityJanuary 24, 2023

For the past few years, the concept of a smart home has been evolving. Gone are the days when having a smart home meant owning a few voice-controlled Internet of Things (IoT) devices such as lights, alarms, and thermostats. Nowadays, recent models of smart devices offer a different level of "smartness" to your home and provide unmatched convenience to you and your family. 

For instance, the much-awaited Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock offers homeowners and renters a premium experience in home security and smart home compatibility. We'll go over the best features of a Google Home door lock in this article and the benefits it offers to homeowners and renters. Read on to learn more.

Who Should Get A Google Home Door Lock 

Smart locks such as the Google Nest x Yale have more advanced security features than a traditional deadbolt lock. As such, this device has become increasingly appealing to both homeowners and renters.


If you're a homeowner who prioritizes convenience and peace of mind when choosing a smart lock, then a Google Home door lock is your best option. Unlike regular deadbolts, this device gives homeowners complete control over who enters and exits their homes with features like remote access, keyless entry, and 24/7 real-time notifications. 


Renters no longer have to worry about previous tenants having old keys or burglars picking their locks with a Google Home door lock. Because a smart lock provides unique access codes to authorized individuals, only your landlord and you can enter your home. 

Best Features Of A Smart Lock From Google

Best Features Of A Smart Lock From Google

The Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock is a $249 collaborative effort from two well-known companies, Google and Yale. This venture by Google into smart locks has proved to be a success as users are satisfied with the numerous benefits it provides, such as the following:

Compatibility And Installation

Installation is not an issue with the Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock. Replacing your traditional deadbolt with this device can be done without professional help. The Nest x Yale Lock can accommodate various door styles as it is available in polished brass, oil-rubbed bronze, or satin nickel.

Battery Alerts

Unlike other smart locks whose batteries can die without notice, the Google Nest x Yale Smart Lock does not. Instead, the Nest app sends an audible alert when batteries are getting low on charge. The lock's keypad will also show a red, low-battery indicator light giving you enough time to recharge or replace worn-out batteries.

Nest Smart Technology

The Nest x Yale Lock doesn't directly connect to your home's WiFi. Instead, it uses Weave, Nest's smart home technology for wireless communication systems. By doing this, you may access your door lock remotely without worrying about frequent interruptions.

Nest Smartphone App

Its smartphone app is one of the best features of the Nest x Yale Smart Lock. The Nest app allows homeowners to lock and unlock their doors remotely from their phones. It also supports up to 20 unique passcodes you could give your friends and family for easy home access. Not only that, but the Nest app also sends out alerts whenever the codes are used, allowing you to identify when and who unlocked your door easily.

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