How To Set Up Arlo Cameras

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Arlo security cameras are some of the best smart devices to consider if you are looking for a system to protect your property in the United States. If you have recently bought an Arlo or are planning to buy one, continue reading this guide on how to set up Arlo cameras.

The Basics of An Arlo Security Camera

Arlo offers camera-based home security systems and introduces new cameras every year. The Arlo Pro 4 and the Arlo Q are popular models, but better models are sure to come from this reliable brand.

Though many security cameras are available, Arlo is well-loved by its users because of its high-quality video and artificial intelligence features. Moreover, this camera sends notifications when it detects movements, whether from people, pets, or packages.

7 Easy Steps To Setting Up Arlo Cameras

When you get an Arlo camera, you get some of the best in the business. Here are the steps on how to set up Arlo cameras.

1. Download The Arlo App

The first thing you need to do is to download the Arlo app. This application on your mobile device will walk you through the setup process and give you access to adjusting settings. So, after downloading, create an account and add your camera to the system by selecting the model from the list.

Once registered with the phone app, you may also use the Arlo Web Portal by logging in through a web browser. It is the perfect option for people who require a larger screen.

2. Turn On The Arlo Camera

If you use a wire-free model, you can turn on the camera by inserting the battery. Make sure you read the instructions first and feel for the grooves on the bottom to avoid making mistakes. Once ready, you should also check the LED indicator on the camera. If it's amber, you need to charge the device, but if it's blue, it's ready for use.

However, with wired models, you should first find a power outlet. For the best results, the power cables must be within six feet.

For the video doorbell, you have to ensure that the doorbell will work well with your current wiring.

3. Connect The Arlo System To A Wi-Fi Network

Once the power is on, connect your camera system to the Wi-Fi network by entering your password.

If you have an Arlo base station, you may skip this step and make the connection there instead. This connection allows you to utilize local storage instead of a cloud subscription.

4. Mount Your Camera

The Arlo Essential Indoor and the Arlo Q are the only Arlo cameras with mounts. So, for other models, choose your mount, which may be a magnetic mount or an outdoor one. Remember to install your camera six to seven feet above the ground when you mount your camera.

5. Setup The Field Of View Of Your Arlo Device

Maximize the field of view you can get from an Arlo camera by adjusting the field of view. This way, you can ensure accurate motion detection and recording from your device. This can be done when you use the Arlo Camera Positioning setting to adjust angles in real time.

6. Test The Motion Detection Capability Of Your Arlo Camera

Finally, make sure you are thorough with testing your Arlo camera. The motion detection capability will help it trigger recording to capture audio and video. It is up to you to decide on the details, including the sensitivity of the audio and image quality.

Are You Ready For The Arlo Setup Process?

Arlo cameras have superior audio and night vision, plus they are affordable. Consider these items as a way to protect your home, and follow the steps above for a smooth installation process.

If you want to know more about smart home devices, Trustable Tech is ready to help. In one of our guides, you can learn more about managing problems with your Arlo device.

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