Insignia Fire TV Troubleshooting: How It Works

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Insignia televisions are divided into four lines: the N10 Series, the F20 Series, the F30 Series, and the F50 Series. These TV lines progress in terms of features and price, but even the largest and most expensive Insignia TVs will cost you less than $1,000, firmly positioning the brand at the budget-conscious end of the smart home device market.    

The Insignia TV comes with a 1080p resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate, courtesy of its LED display. It also boasts great performance and audio quality, but its smart functionality and Alexa compatibility separate it from other TVs. Nevertheless, Insignia TV is frequented with issues common among smart TVs nowadays — but don’t worry, this article discusses basic Insignia Fire TV troubleshooting. Continue reading to learn more. 

Fix Common Issues With Insignia TV

Below are some of the most common issues reported by users, along with Insignia Fire TV troubleshooting solutions.

Troubleshoot “No Picture” Mode

Some may encounter this issue on your Insignia TV wherein the audio will play, but no picture is displayed. To solve this, you have to:

1. Try another channel to check whether the problem is with your TV or the channel. If it works by switching, then that particular channel may have issues. If it doesn’t, proceed to the next steps.

2. Make sure your antenna or cable TV connection is properly connected to your television.

3. Hold the PICTURE key to switch to another picture mode and see if that solves your problem.

4. Another plausible explanation is that you are using video cables. You could try changing the cables and give it another try. 

If the problem persists after completing the steps outlined above, you may need to replace the TV’s display.

Troubleshoot the “No Signal” Issue

Some users report that a “No signal” error appears on their TV screen from time to time. To solve this, you have to:

1. Tap the INPUT key to ensure you’ve selected the correct input for the device you’re currently using with the TV.

2. If you’re using a cable or satellite box, make sure you’re using the remote that came with it. Only then will you be able to change channels.

3. For the last resort, if the above steps fail, unplug the TV as well as any other connected devices. Then, disconnect and reconnect all HDMI cables from both ends. Finally, connect all of the connected devices to power. Give them about 30 seconds to boot up before plugging in the TV.

Troubleshoot The Black Screen Issue

This problem can be caused by a number of factors, including a faulty HDMI cable, insufficient power supply, or a software or firmware issue. To fix this issue, you have to perform a power cycle on your Insignia Fire TV by doing the following:

1. Unplug your Insignia TV power cable from the wall and wait one minute.

2. Then, for 15-20 seconds, press and hold the power button on the TV.

3. Plug the power cable back into the wall outlet and turn on the Insignia TV.

4. After turning it on, wait another minute.

5. After performing this power cycle, see if the blank screen problem persists. If it does, it’s best to hire a professional to troubleshoot this issue.

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